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Sooo… How Was Your Trip?

Sorry for the delay, folks, I know you’re all just dying for some closure to this whole sordid affair. Now that we’ve been back for nearly a week I think it’s probably well past time we finished up. Things have been a tad hectic since our return but the trip back itself was rather uninteresting, […]

Now My SHORTS Are Chafing Me

The report card on Vang Vieng turned out as follows: 1)       Caves: check; hiked to one in the rain, pretty cool, and very Flintstones 2)       River tubing: no check, unfortunately; it looked fun, but the weather was way too ugly (still raining) for pussies (i.e. us) 3)       VCDs in restaurants: partial check; restaurant, singular, with […]

Apocalypse No… t Really

Hiyo. There are so few certainties in life that it’s nice when you find some things that can still be counted on. For instance, karaoke. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the singing will always get steadily worse as the night progresses. It’s not just the alcohol, although that does […]