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Scenes from Bangkok

Perched awkwardly on a tiny plastic stool at a tiny plastic table on the edge of the street quietly watching as tourists pass by representing every walk of life. Fried noodle meal number three in two days, taking longer to arrive than seems plausible considering the process involved. The wait, however, only serving to increase […]


Following up from our 10 days of self-imposed exile and relaxation on the barely inhabited and outrageously lethargic Koh Siboya, we really ramped things up by heading to popular Koh Lanta. Despite still being considered far more laid-back and relaxed than the big boys of the Thai island scene such as Koh Samui and Phuket, […]

Journal of a Thai Castaway

The following correspondence was recently discovered in the Andaman Sea just off the southwestern coast of Thailand. It was found in a Chang bottle floating slightly lower in the water than all the other discarded alcohol containers floating around it. The intended recipient of the letters remains unclear, but anthropologists note that the bottle had […]

Pit Stop: Bangkok

With our at times uncomfortably structured, and strangely studious, tour of Bhutan in the books we were airborne yet again, fairly quickly touching back down in the welcome humidity and familiar chaos of colossal Bangkok for, by rough calculations, somewhere around the 9th or 10th time. Not a city I’d ever want to spend a […]

Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Promiscuity

So, I believe we left off in Bangkok, where a few thousand unarmed protestors all wearing bright yellow, not exactly stealthy, had somehow seized control of both international airports. They were demanding the Prime Minister step down, as apparently he had already been charged with tampering with the election that put him power a year […]

Neung is the Loneliest Number

Back in Thailand, this time to actually stay for a while. This was already our third time in Bangkok this trip and we’d spent a total of four days in the country. Here we met up with Laynni’s parents who were once again joining us for a small portion of our journey (I say “once […]

The Pattaya Herald

The Pattaya Herald Elderly Man Propositions Subway Employee In downtown Pattaya Saturday, 14 year old Subway Sandwich Artist, Thumsen Pranakorn, found herself unsure how to react when a British customer offer to pay 1,000 baht for her, roughly $US30. She had become increasingly uncomfortable as the heavy, balding foreigner responded to her question about sub […]

Sooo… How Was Your Trip?

Sorry for the delay, folks, I know you’re all just dying for some closure to this whole sordid affair. Now that we’ve been back for nearly a week I think it’s probably well past time we finished up. Things have been a tad hectic since our return but the trip back itself was rather uninteresting, […]

What the Hell’s a Pino, Anyway?

We’re now back in Bangkok but as promised we stayed on Koh Pha Ngan as long as possible, livin’ it up to the fullest extent of the law (and beyoooond). Yup, how we managed to fit it all in is a trade secret (What trade, you ask? Never mind.) that I’m just not at liberty […]

We Just Stepped Out For a Drink… For Two Weeks

Hello again. It’s been quite awhile since my last update so I’m sure you’re all just on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what kind of wacky shenanigans we’ve been up to. If not, this is still a great opportunity to kill about half an hour of work time. It’s win-win, really. […]