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16 Tips for Myanmar

Since we know at least 4 people who should be arriving imminently, here are some tips for those looking to visit Myanmar:   You can buy sim cards with data in the airport for less than $US 10 and considering how often the internet cut out on us during our time in Myanmar, having a […]

Bagan Photo Journal

It says something when a country as historically isolated as Myanmar has a tourist attraction that is famous around the world. We had been looking forward to seeing Bagan’s thousands of incredible stupas scattered over miles of riverside plains for years and finally made it happen, hooking ourselves up with a peppy little electric moped […]

Burmese Days

  “It will always be Burma to me.” – J. Peterman Sure, I stole the title from George Orwell, and from a book I haven’t even read no less. But I thought it sounded good. Anyway, Myanmar, which until 1990 was known as Burma in honour of its overwhelming majority of Burmese people, has long […]