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My E-Books

2 thoughts on “My E-Books

  1. Hi Dean,
    I am very keen to purchase a paperback copy of Behind the Albergue Door.
    I can only seem to find ebooks etc but in my world I still love the feel and smell of reading a good book!

    Please advise – if or how I can purchase a copy.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks for your interest. It was only designed to be available in ebook form but due to many people being interested in a physical copy I have set it up on Blurb so people can order individual copies. The price is at cost but since it is only set up for individual orders there is no volume discount and the price will likely work out to around $20-25 including shipping (more for hardcover/colour/etc.). But if you are still interested you can go to this link:

      You will need to set up an account (easy) and can then order as many copies as you choose.

      Hope you like it!

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