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Better Late Than Junk-Punched

Here we are, finally back in Canada after our 3 1/2 month excursion through the Middle East. Being home has been a blast so far, which is why this blog is so late. I’ve been spending most of my time getting drunk and golfing, not necessarily in that order. Yeah, that’s one thing I really […]

A Collection of Turkish Stories

Hotter Than Fag-Tags and Converse Shoes After our boat cruise we backtracked to Kas for a few days, curious to see what all the fuss was about. A nice little town on the Mediterranean coast that everyone we talked to has “absolutely loved”. Relatively quiet, beautiful setting, nice enough for the middle class, cheap enough […]

A 2.9 From the Russian Judge

Welcome aboard the Miriam-Sophie where you’ll enjoy 4 days and 3 nights of exotic splendour. You’ll cruise the beautiful Mediterranean coast, swim in the calm blue waters and laze around like a degenerate bum. Don’t forget your unearned sense of privilege. Our much anticipated “Blue Cruise” got off to a somewhat questionable start, with the […]

Five Questions With The Locke Family

There once was a family of Lockes. Laynni, Lyle and Nadine blazed a merry sightseeing trail right through Istanbul, on to the famous ruins at Ephesus and finally back to Fethiye where they were rescued by a handsome fellow with very becoming facial hair. This fellow then interviewed them about their travels…..and….THIS…. is their story: […]

Dear Turkish Diary

A brief record of my daily thoughts and feelings as I make the difficult transition from little girl into bigger girl… May 9 Caught the bus from Olympos to Fethiye. Narrow windy road, beautiful ocean views, Efes hangover, puke bag a serious consideration. Took a pill. No more nausea but met the ghost of Sammy […]

Not-Too-Early-But-Still-Morning Express

Istanbul or Constantinople? Europe or Asia? Proud independent nation or clumsy hideous bird? In fact, Turkey would prove to be all of these. As if our border crossings weren’t already hard enough, what with the Syrian government’s fear of white people and all, on our way into Turkey we ended up getting saddled with a […]