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Bringer of Rain

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Well, it’s Friday and that means our Belize chapter is about to come to a close. This weekend we’ll be making our way home so we can show up for work on Monday morning rested, refreshed and ready to hate life all day.

In case anybody is curious the rain still hasn’t let up except for brief hours here and there. It actually looked like it was turning around this morning and we managed to sneak in a couple hours of kayaking before more storms blew in. On the bright side, while the constant reminders that “it’s not usually like this” have been extremely comforting, we have also been forced to look at things from a bit of a different perspective.

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Rain

10. Kneel in the ditch with arms reaching for the sky, clearly overcoming hardship

9. Dig a trench and race paper boats for pink slips

8. Pee freely

7. Sing “I Love a Rainy Night”….during the day

6. Start Ukrainian dancing and claim to be Randy the Rain God

5. Test the water resistancy of your watch

4. Walk by crowded restaurants and holler “Sun’s out!”

3. Practice starting a fire with nothing but wet kindling and seagull dung

2. Plant crops that thrive on moisture

1. Play scrabble

All in all, still a fun trip, very relaxing (and no, that’s not just a nice way of saying boring), lots of time to “reflect” (as you may have noticed).

p.s. How are you supposed to trust a Scrabble dictionary that doesn’t have
the words “prerogative” or “mesmerize” but DOES include the word “qua”?

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