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39 Tips for Hiking the Camino de Santiago

With Camino planning season upon us again a lot of people are starting to get interested in all the little details they need to know before they set out sometime this summer. Since we always get a lot of questions from prospective pilgrims, we decided to put together a bit of an advice cheat sheet. […]

El Camino de Santiago: The Final Chapter

Well, we made it. That’s right, we actually went ahead and walked 790-some kilometres from France to Santiago de Compostela while carrying all our possessions on our back and (mostly) sleeping in creaky bunk beds surrounded by many other less-than-fresh Camino pilgrims. For fun. Or so we told ourselves. No, actually we really enjoyed it, […]

In Galicia We Trust

Back on the meseta we were solemnly promised that somewhere down the line the endless fields and dirt plains would end and the hills, some even said mountains (if your definition of mountains includes 1,500 metres), would start up. Oh, we canĀ“t wait, we foolishly cried. All this easy walking on flat paths, how dull. […]

The Magical Meseta Mystery Tour

Well, we find ourselves in the famously historic city of Leon enjoying our second rest day of the month and slowly easing my way out of faint hangover. Hey, no hiking today so why not, right? Anyway, we have just completed (or almost anyway) our traverse of the dreaded “meseta”, a week or so of […]

Fields of Gold

Well, another 4 or 5 days, another 100 or so kilometres under our belts. And socks. And aching, aching muscles. We are currently enjoying the hell out of our first official rest day of our camino so far, whiling away a cold, rainy, quiet Sunday in the great little city of Burgos. We were originally […]

The Camino de Santiago: A Podiatrist’s Dream

Are we there yet? Well, the short answer to that question is, of course, no. Since the Camino de Santiago, as it is known among religious pilgrims, long dead saints (such as St. James himself) and masochistic hikers from all over the world, is somewhere around 780 kilometres in total, give or take a few […]