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Down by the Bay

–         The first of many flights we would eventually take early January 1st – rarely a great plan in hindsight (this one was even millennium)

·         Alcatraz – took the audio tour, kind of creepy and news radio-ish at the same time

·         Angel Island – beautiful place, hiked around, good views of bay and city

·         Hiked the coast past Golden Gate bridge and field of dildos

·         Walked up Lombard Street – the really famous, winding street that goes straight uphill

·         Visited a viewpoint  at the top of the city

·         Took the cable cars

·         Hung out down at the pier, watched street performers bilk extra money out of delighted tourists

·         Wandered around a nice park, Japanese garden and Haight Street

·         Expensive – even breakfast cost $12

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