Una Cerveza Mas, Por Favor

–         Group of 23 went down for an all-inclusive

·         Got roaring drunk on our layover in Cgy, Clint slept in bathtub, me with Pilsener box on my head, still drunk and fighting with Laynni at airport

·         Giant frogs everywhere that we stepped on in the dark

·         Julie frightened to tears by a gecko in her room

·         Clint got so burnt first day he never went in the sun again

·         Catamaran trip – cool boat, very average snorkeling, Clint hid under a towel all day

·         Cheryl hooked up with someone in our group but I can’t remember who

·         Mike and Julie “hooked up” in a ditch

·         Me, Mike and Clint went golfing at Playa Grande – $200 day (incl taxi, caddies, etc), their caddie was great, mine sucked, gave 1 ½ feet on a putt with 12 feet of break, told me I couldn’t drive ti to the ocean on last hole but I landed a couple feet away, skulled my 5 wood over the bay and made it over by inches, I got up and down for bogey while Clint took 9 to beat him by 1 (he had never beaten me at that point)

·         Played a game of really drunk Twister and went on a very mediocre pub crawl

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