5 Stunning BC Hot Springs Near Invermere

The Kootenay mountains are full of hot springs, both natural and developed. And when it comes to hot springs Invermere, in the Columbia Valley, can’t be beat. Along with plenty of hiking and skiing in Invermere, we spend some of our time checking out the different hot springs in the area. From modern, civilized pools with drink service to wild springs in otherwise frigid mountain rivers, you are sure to find the Invermere hot springs to fit your mood.

We have listed the five BC hot springs near Invermere, how to get to them, if they have any facilities, and what you need to be aware of before visiting them.

Map of Invermere Hot Springs

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Natural Hot Springs Near Invermere

These options are not developed but have the best natural scenery and are free to visit.

1. Lussier Hot Springs – Best BC Natural Hot Springs?

Located in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, these are one of the best BC natural hot springs. They are reached via a couple minute walk down a gradual, smooth trail. The springs are really just a collection of rocks arranged into a series of rough pools with gravel bottoms, each at a different temperature based on their proximity to the hot spring and the amount of cool river water mixing in.

With the rocky shore, picturesque river, surrounding forest and looming mountains, Lussier Hot Springs are about as scenic as it gets.

woman sitting in one of the best BC hot springs near Invermere

Of course, this means they are also quite popular and can get pretty busy all year-round, especially on weekends. If it all possible, try to visit on a weekday morning when you might be lucky enough to be the only ones there.

There are no change rooms but there are a couple of outhouses next to the parking lot. Alcohol and dogs are both prohibited (both for disturbance reasons) and everyone is required to wear a bathing suit. Make sure you take all your garbage back up to the bins at the parking lot.

Invermere to Lussier Hot Springs

75 km / 1 hr

You follow BC-93/95 south past Canal Flats, taking a left onto Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road (watch for signs to Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park). From there you drive for about 15 minutes along a decent logging road (with pretty good mountain views) with occasional steep drop offs.

2. Waterfall Hot Springs: Most Picturesque BC Natural Hot Springs

One of the strangest hot springs you’ll ever visit, this stunning waterfall cascades down from a high cliff into a set of small, calcified pools before emptying into the nearby creek. It is incredibly photogenic, both from up close and from the ridge across the creek.

The strange part is that it isn’t technically a hot spring, but rather the overflow from the official Fairmont Hot Springs mineral pools above. After the hot water is used in the resort’s pools it is dechlorinated and sent on its merry way back to nature.

So that epic waterfall crashing down onto your head for that Instagram photo is, in a sense, old tub water. Nevertheless, it seemed clean enough to us and, although it isn’t quite as hot as the stuff at the source, the impressive setting more than makes up for it.

Woman sitting in natural hot spring Invemere with no name and a waterfall out of sight

From the main parking lot, head down toward the mineral pools then take a left and cross the little bridge (stopping for a photo or two), then follow the path down to the creek.

A recent landslide wiped out part of the trail so you need to manoeuvre over some rubble and cross the creek three times (either stepping from rock to rock or simply getting your feet wet). If you visit in winter the main trail can also get quite icy (we found micro-spikes very useful).

There are no change rooms, bathrooms, garbage bins or facilities of any kind at the waterfall itself. Make sure to clean up after your visit so the next visitors can also appreciate it.

It is best to visit during the day on a weekday as it will be quieter. We had it to ourselves on a Monday afternoon and went back on a Saturday and it was significantly busier.

Waterfall hot springs Fairmont BC
Went back with friends on a weekend.

While you’re there, you might also want to follow the path upriver a little ways to check out the Indigenous Baths, a series of small pools and stone bathhouse with terrific views down over the valley. These hidden BC natural hot springs are still fairly unknown.

Invermere to the Waterfall Hot Springs

27 km / 20 min

It is a simple 20-minute drive from Invermere to Fairmont via BC-93/95. Turn left at the huge Fairmont Hot Springs Resort sign and follow the road uphill to the very end. Public parking is just past the campground kiosk.

3. Ram Creek Hot Springs: Remote But Still Accessible Natural Hot Springs in B.C.

If you really like the idea of tracking down some hidden hot springs in BC, then Ram Creek Hot Springs are the ideal choice. Even more remote than Lussier Hot Springs, these secluded British Columbia natural springs are located on a nice ridge in the middle of some gorgeous Rockies forest, with amazing views over open, scenic meadows.

These are one of the more remote but still accessible natural hot springs in B.C.

Consisting of just three small undeveloped rock pools, some people have reported the water being less “hot” and more “pretty warm”. However, the superb scenery makes it well worth visiting, plus they are the least busy of all the hot springs on this list so there is a good chance you will have these secret BC hot springs all to yourself.

Since these hot springs aren’t regulated at all some people will choose the clothing optional route.

Invermere to Ram Creek Hot Springs

98 km / 1.5 hrs

On the same road as Lussier Hot Springs, you follow Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road for 19 kilometres past Lussier until you reach White Ram Forest Service Road. This road is extremely rough and usually only accessible to high clearance vehicles (4WD is an asset as well).

The springs are 5 km down this road and you can either park at the start and hike the entire way (11 km round-trip) or try driving in and just walking from as far as you get. If you do have to stop, make sure you pull as far to the side as possible so other vehicles can still get by.

Developed Hot Springs Near Invermere

While these choices lack the wilderness ambience of the natural BC springs and charge an entrance fee, they also offer modern amenities, clean facilities and the hottest spring water, which is the whole point for many people.

4. Radium Hot Springs

This family-friendly mineral water thermal pool in Kootenay National Park is located right next to BC-93. It sits right at the base of a sheer mountain wall and is the ideal place for a good, hot soak, especially in winter with snow-covered mountains partially visible through the heavy steam (sometimes you can even spot big-horned sheep).

The water is typically between 37-40C (98-104F) and proudly odourless (perfect for those that aren’t big fans of sulfur or rotten eggs).

People in the Radium hot springs near Invermere with a rock face behind the pool

The mineral pool is large and spacious and there is also a heated swimming pool with a diving board, making Radium Hot Springs a great choice for families. There are nice, clean change rooms, lifeguards, a spa and even some interesting historic info and photos lining the walls.

While you are in the area it is also worth venturing down to Sinclair Falls or tackling the scenic Juniper Trail.

Radium Hot Springs Hours

Monday to Friday

11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday

10 a.m. to 8 p.m

They are open year-round.

Radium Hot Springs Prices

Adult (18 – 64 years)   $7.46

Youth (3 – 17 years)    $6.09

Child (under 3)              Free

Senior (65+ years)        $6.54

Family (2 adults and 2 youth) $22.64

Those prices include the use of a locker and as long as you are only visiting the hot springs you do not need to purchase a national park pass.

Invermere to Radium Hot Springs Pool

20 km / 15 min

You just follow BC-93/95 north to the town of Radium Hot Springs, then take a right at the roundabout onto BC-93 and follow it past the national park kiosk (you don’t need to stop unless you want to buy a park pass), continuing through the terrific, narrow rock canyon until you reach a pair of parking lots. If you have to park on the far side of the road there is an underground bridge to cross the highway.

5. Fairmont Hot Springs BC

The official mineral pools at Fairmont Hot Springs may not boast a huge waterfall or treacherous approach, but they are much larger, much hotter and, realistically, a fair bit cleaner. The views are no slouch, either, with impressive vistas out over the valley and distant mountains.

People in the Fairmont hot springs near Invermere with mountains in the background

The two different pools are kept at slightly different temperatures to match your mood and, like Radium Hot Springs, the pools at Fairmont Hot Springs are odourless. There are change rooms, although no lockers, so leave valuables in your vehicle.

There is an entire resort, the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, built around these hot springs so it is also possible to stay on-site and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Fairmont Hot Springs Hours

Everyday from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

* The pools are currently only open to guests of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort due to COVID-19. Be sure to check the latest updates before visiting *

Invermere to Fairmont Hot Springs

27 km / 20 min

It is a simple 20-minute drive from Invermere to Fairmont via BC-93/95. Turn left at the huge Fairmont Hot Springs Resort sign and follow the road to the very end. Public parking is just past the campground kiosk.


If relaxing in a steaming hot pool of natural spring water while gazing out at spectacular mountain scenery is your thing (and it should be) then you’ve come to the right place. With several excellent choices ranging from basic river pools to luxurious spas, you will be spoiled for choice with all these hot springs near Invermere.

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