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The 11 Best Lake Atitlan Hotels: Where to Stay in Each Village

There are so many great hotels in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala that it can be nearly impossible to decide where to stay. From classic budget hotels to luxury Lake Atitlan hotels, there is a little something for everyone. One of the biggest decisions you need to make when visiting the most beautiful lake in Central America (some say the world!) is where to base yourself.

We have been visiting this gorgeous crater lake (and its spectacular volcanoes) nearly every year since 2010 and have explored it from end to end many times over. Not surprisingly, we have a lot of opinions when it comes to where to stay on Lake Atitlan.

View of San Pedro volcano with flowers in foreground

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There are 13 different villages on Lake Atitlan, each of which offer their own unique style and pace of life. Which means the first step should be studying the different villages to choose a general location, then from there you can look into the specific Lake Atitlan hotel options available nearby.

The good news is that there are a lot of excellent hotels in Lake Atitlan to choose from. The bad news is, well, having too many options, I guess? All right, I suppose there isn’t really any bad news. The important thing to remember is that all the villages in Lake Atitlan have their own unique identities, advantages and disadvantages, so everyone should be able to find the one that fits their travel style best.

To help with this process we have put together a breakdown of the various different Lake Atitlan towns and villages, along with details on all the best Lake Atitlan hotels.

View of lake with two volanoes from Santa Cruz La Laguna Guatemala

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels by Village

Of course, not all Lake Atitlan hotels are created equal. Some are luxurious, some have amazing views, some have a fun and communal atmosphere, some specialize in group retreats. In this guide we have tried to describe the best choices in each village to help you make the best choice.

We have also included a map of all the villages and best Lake Atitlan hotels at the end to help you get some perspective on the different options.

San Pedro la Laguna

Stay in San Pedro if:

You are looking for nightlife and a wide range of accommodation choices.

This is the most popular Lake Atitlan village, and is justifiably considered backpacker central.  There are many restaurants, most of which double as bars, plus there are numerous more places that may serve food under duress but are mainly dedicated to catering to all the day-time alcoholics wandering the streets.

Viewpoint over San Pedro La Laguna

Both the hotels and restaurants tend to be cheaper in San Pedro thanks to all the competition as well as a reasonable understanding of their main clientele, and it is also the place to be if you like to socialize and stay busy. Movies, Spanish classes, sports, poker tourneys, weekly BBQs, trivia nights, the fascinating deterioration of elderly expats – there is no reason to ever be bored staying in San Pedro.

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Sababa Resort Atitlan

Sababa Resort Atitlan is one of the better high-end Lake Atitlan hotels with a bar, pool and palapas with amazing views over the water. Everything is very picturesque and perfect for those Instagram photos.

Swimming pool at a Lake Atitlan Hotels

It is just far enough toward the edge of town to be quiet but still be close to everything. You can enjoy your excellent included breakfast at a table by the pool with views of the lake or in the restaurant if you prefer some shade.

Restaurant table at a lake atitlan hotel

Each of the rooms are situated to take advantage of the views and have relaxing sitting spots.

Seating area at a Lake Atitlan Hotels

But be aware that you have to pay in cash so plan ahead.

Check here for prices and availability at Sababa Resort Atitlan

More good choices:

Mikaso Hotel has a mix of private rooms and dorms with views over Lake Atitlan so you can choose the price range that works best for you. It has its own restaurant on the top floor and is very close to a wide range of other restaurants as well. It is on a less busy part of the lake so will be quieter than many other San Pedro hotels.

Hospedaje Lolita is an economical option with private bathrooms, a view from the roof and a shared kitchen and lounge. Relax in one of the hammocks when taking a break from seeing the town.

San Juan la Laguna

Stay in San Juan if:

You are looking for a beautiful, artistic Mayan village that gets very quiet once all the daytrippers have gone home.

In our opinion, San Juan is the nicest village on the lake. While increasingly popular with day-trippers and tour groups, not many tourists stay here. It stands out from the crowd in its neat and orderly cleanliness, and is the best place on the lake, other than maybe Santiago, to shop for arts and handicrafts.

A colorful mural on a building in San Juan la Laguna Guatemala

There are guides at the boat dock who will be happy to show you around. It has a dynamic atmosphere, impressive street art and one of the better viewpoints on the lake. It is also close to San Pedro, only a short 5 minute tuk tuk or boat ride away, so you can easily hit up the restaurants and nightlife and come back to rest and relax.

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Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlan

Just out of town off the road to San Pedro (or a short boat ride), Hotel Uxlabil has nice, clean rooms with wifi and spectacular lake views.

Room at a Lake Atitlan Hotels

It is also one of the only Lake Atitlan hotels that has a flat grassy area along the shore.

Restuarant at a Lake Atitlan Hotels

We really like the hangout areas, the temascal and small pool.

Hot tub at a Lake Atitlan hotels

Check prices and availability at Eco Hotel Uxlabil

Another good choice is Eco-Hotel Mayachik, with lush grounds, nice rooms with private bathrooms and a quiet location back away from the main part of town.

San Marcos la Laguna

Stay in San Marcos if:

You are into yoga, holistic pursuits or the hippie lifestyle.

San Marcos is renowned among people who love yoga, holistic medicine, massage, spiritual gatherings, meditation, enlightenment training, and group bongo sessions. The overall vibe of San Marcos remains very friendly and welcoming, with people of all spiritual and hygienic persuasions co-existing comfortably.

San Marcos La Laguna streets

There are a bevy of impossibly friendly vegetable vendors, coffee shops and even a few all-purpose little grocery shops where you can pick up most of the main staples. The views from this side of the lake are excellent, you can rent kayaks and paddle boards, there is a plethora of yoga studios (people like La Paz, Yoga Forest and Eagle’s Nest up the hill). There is even a designated swimming area with some jumping platforms.

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Lush Atitlan

Lush Atitlan has some of the most comfortable suites in town, very close to the lake. It has a great restaurant and you can definitely tell where its name comes from with all the green vegetation on the property. It is also very close to one of the Best Places to Swim in Lake Atitlan.

View of flower and volcanoes at San Marcos La Laguna hotel Lush
Lush views

Lush is to the side of the village so tends to be quieter than many of the San Marcos hotels.

Check prices and availability at Lush Atitlan

More good choices:

If you are looking for a yoga stay, Eagle’s Nest is a great choice. It is high above the village and boasts some truly stunning views.

San Marcos La Laguna Eagles Nest
Eagle’s Nest Yoga Shala

This means that you have a bit of a trek to get there but you can take a tuk-tuk most of the way and have just a 2-minute walk left on a narrow path. It is all-inclusive which means your meals and yoga are included in the price.

One of the newest and nicest places in San Marcos is Kula Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa, a beautiful, high-end hotel with a perfect location just west of the main dock. It is the only place in San Marcos with a pool, the grounds are lush and the rooms are modern and comfortable, all with impressive lake views.

La Paz Eco-Hotel is an excellent budget option. Simple but right in the middle of the action with a good, cheap restaurant and a fun vibe.

El Dragon is a mid-range option with an impressive location right on the waterfront. If you are looking for easy access to the water as well as great terraces, docks and platforms for lounging, this is the place for you. It has a variety of rooms in different price ranges so most people will find something that will fit their budget.

The most popular budget option in San Marcos, Hostel del Lago is known for its fun, party atmosphere and extensive list of group gatherings and activities. They also have a good cafe/restaurant/bar with a nice open air terrace and show futbol games almost daily.

We also always recommend people should stay at Pasajcap Rentals (if there is any availability). It is a 15-minute walk from the centre of San Marcos. Its is obviously our favourite as we have been coming back to it for over 10 years but it can be difficult to get a spot. You can read our full review of Pasajcap Rentals and it can even be found at the top of our list of Best Places to Swim in Lake Atitlan.

Greenery and a volcano at Pasajacap Rentals on Lake Atitlan


Stay in Tzununa if:

You want to get away from the crowds and learn something new.

The small village of Tzununa is actually just about as close to our apartment at Pasajcap Rentals as San Marcos. Only a few years ago there was almost no gringo presence outside of one terrific hill-top restaurant (Bambu) and one small hotel.

Tzununa and Lake Atitlan from Lomas de Tzununa

Now it seems like a new project opens up every few months with new yoga centres, permaculture farms and classes, and ecstatic dancing, although it is still light years away from being compared to any of the big stops.

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El Picnic Atitlan

For a unique stay in Tzununá, check out El Picnic Atitlan. Tranquil, off-the-beaten path glamping with amazing views of the lake and volcanoes. Each tent has a balcony and private bathroom.

View from Tzununa hotels

And if glamping isn’t really up your alley you can book the “luxury tent”, which is basically a room partially open to both the views and elements. Be aware that the views come at the cost of climbing quite a few stairs to reach your room.

View from the bar

On the bright side, there is also a restaurant on site and even a giant screen to enjoy nightly movies with the lake and volcanoes in the background.

El Picnic Tzununa bar
Jochen of El Picnic

Check prices and availability at El Picnic Tzununa

More good choices:

Conveniently located in the middle of the village, the options at Cabanas de Tzununá range from double rooms to bungalows. There are relaxing gardens and lake access, including a private swimming dock. Just be aware that the hotel can be a bit hard to find and the local neighborhood can get a little noisy at times.

In addition to its superb restaurant, Maya Moon Lodge has several cabanas with views of the lake, ranging from small ones for 1-2 people and larger ones for 1-4 people. Some even have a kitchenette if you want to cook some of your own meals, although the one directly above the restaurant can be noisy. In general, there can be a bit of a party atmosphere at times.

Each cabana has a balcony or veranda and a private bathroom. Maya Moon also has tubes and a kayak for guests to use and a private dock where you can easily catch boats to explore surrounding villages.

Lomas de Tzununá has possibly the best view of any Lake Atitlan hotel, although they only open for private retreats these days. However, if you are travelling as a group and want to simplify your stay by combining meals, rooms and transport, this is a fantastic option.

They have a pool, traditional temascal and host many specialized retreats.

However, Lomas also offers a variety of rooms that take full advantage of those views, as well as If you are looking to plan a group trip it is worth checking in with them to see if they can accommodate you.

Swimming pool at Lomas de Tzununa


Stay in Jaibalito if:

You are looking to get away from it all.

Quiet, peaceful Jaibalito has a lot of similarities to Santa Cruz, but is even smaller and has literally no road access. Its bay isn’t as charming as the one at Santa Cruz but is a good place to really feel away from the tourist crowds. It also has a great German restaurant and El Indigo, an Iranian-themed restaurant that is one of the best places to eat on Lake Atitlan.

Check out: Jaibalito: A Guide to Lake Atitlan’s Quietest Village

The quiet village of Jaibalito on Lake Atitlan

Hotel Casa Del Mundo

We have been recommending Casa del Mundo to visitors for years as one of the best hotels in Lake Atitlan. Located just outside of Jaibalito and perched on the side of the caldera, Casa del Mundo has spectacular views from its stone terraces and many of the rooms.

Casa del Mundo Lake Atitlan - a Jaibalito hotel
Casa del Mundo from the lake

The terraces are a great place for jumping into the lake (it actually made our list of Best Places to Swim in Lake Atitlan) or simply relaxing. They have free kayaks for guests and a convenient private dock that makes it easy to catch public lanchas as they pass by.

There are rooms with either shared or private bathrooms, as well as a restaurant and bar. This isn’t the place to be if you’re looking for nightlife (the boats stop running around sunset) but it is an outstanding choice if you simply want to relax and soak up the scenery. Just be prepared to climb a serious set of stairs from the water…

Check prices and availability at Casa del Mundo

For a great budget option, check out Posada Jaibalito in the centre of town. Here, friendly Hans offers dorms and simple private rooms in a hostel atmosphere (but definitely not a party hotel feel). Prices are excellent, especially for long-term stays. Plus, the restaurant provides tasty, filling and great value food.

Santa Cruz la Laguna

Stay in Santa Cruz if:

You are looking for a tranquil, relaxed holiday with phenomenal views.

The pretty little village of Santa Cruz half-way between Pana and San Marcos is usually only accessed by boat (there is a small road that comes in from the top of the crater but it is inconvenient and rarely used). The views from its picturesque bay are among the best on the entire lake, with unobscured looks at all three volcanoes looming on the far side (San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlán).

View of lake with two volanoes from Santa Cruz La Laguna Guatemala

While the bulk of the town is farther up the hill, almost all the buildings along the lake are owned by long-term expats who went looking for someplace beautiful, quiet and secluded, and found it in spades in Santa Cruz.

Keep in mind there are only a couple of restaurants and you will need to take a boat to get anywhere or see anything.

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Atitlan Sunset Lodge

The Atitlan Sunset Lodge is one of the best Lake Atitlan hotels and is perfect for people who want to get away from it all and relax. There are stunning views from the rooms as well as the hot tub, outdoor lounge and restaurant. All of the common areas are very well done and have an Instagram-worthy feel. Overall, it is excellent value for money. There are free paddleboards and kayaks, as well as Saturday saunas. You can also reserve a private sauna.

Seating area at a Santa Cruz La Laguna hotel

The only downside is the 15-minute walk to the Santa Cruz la Laguna dock, although the walk is along the lakeshore and does have views every step of the way. Be sure you have some type of light if you’re doing the walk at night as it is uneven and poorly lit in places.

If you decide not to risk the dark walk, Atitlan Sunset Lodge has an excellent restaurant on site so you won’t mind eating dinner there as you watch the sun go down. There is also a private dock where you can get public boats to all the other villages as you explore the lake.

Multi colored dock at a Santa Cruz La Laguna Hotels
Enjoy the colorful private dock with a swing while you wait for the boat

Check prices and availability at Atitlan Sunset Lodge

More good choices:

If you are looking for a Santa Cruz la Laguna hostel, La Iguana Perdida is the one to choose. It is one of the first things you see as you approach the village by boat due to its central location near the public dock. The accommodations range from dorms to private double rooms to suites with a balcony and lake view.

Hotel Arca de Noe is conveniently located right next to the main dock (across the road from Iguana Perdida) and they also run the local Spanish school. Try to get the waterfront bungalows with a hammock for relaxing and two comfy chairs to sit back and watch the boats go by.

The Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve is located on its own nature reserve right next to Atitlan Sunset Lodge. It is one of the most expensive hotels on Lake Atitlán with an outdoor pool, spa, hot tub, award-winning restaurant and even a gym. Each room has a private deck or terrace perfectly set up to enjoy the sunset with views of all three volcanoes. Laguna Lodge is not necessarily the best value for money but if you want to splash out this is a great place to do it.


Stay in Panajachel if:

You want a convenient base and plan to visit rest of the lake on day trips.

The original tourist destination on Lake Atitlán, Panajachel has been a favourite of erstwhile foreign expats for decades now and is one of the largest towns on Lake Atitlan. “Pana” offers by far the most recognizable version of city life to be had in the area, with a large variety of hotels, restaurants and long-term rentals similar to San Pedro, but also a much larger local market, several actual grocery stores and more banking options.

Boats and docks at Panajachel Guatemala

There was a time when almost all tourists spent time in Pana when visiting Atitlán, but now the increased options and infrastructure have spread the tourist trade out around the lake. However, it still seems to be the optimal choice for those who want to see the sights and enjoy the views but aren’t particularly interested in the rural, or optimistically-described “quaint”, simplicity of most of the other towns.

Check out: Panajachel: Guide to the Gateway to Stunning Lake Atitlan

Hotel Utz Jay

Hotel Utz Jay has a pretty garden with fruit trees and, perhaps more importantly, a hot tub and a Mayan-style sauna – that is over 20 years old. It is only half a block from Calle Santander and a couple blocks to the lakeshore so it is very conveniently located but it is surprisingly quiet.

Garden area at Panajachel hotels

It is the only hotel in Panajachel that has received a eco award from Europe due to the fact that it treats its own grey water, uses solar power for heating water, recycles rain water and is one of the only places that recycles plastic, paper and tins. It also has secure parking for those with a vehicle.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Utz Jay

More good choices:

If you are travelling as a family or in a group, the three-bedroom Villas Jucanya Super Higienizadas are perfect with a full kitchen, beautiful views and well-kept gardens. Close to the main parts of Pana but still quiet.

An oasis in Pana, the Porto Hotel del Lago is on the lakeshore so the rooms have stunning views of the lake, volcanoes and pool area. You’ll also enjoy the terrace, gym, natural sulfured cold tub and sauna. With 2 restaurants and a bar you are spoiled for choice.

If you don’t mind staying a little out of town, Hotel Villa Balam Ya is a great choice. It’s a short tuk-tuk ride from Pana towards Santa Catarina Palopo. Each villa has views of the lake from the balcony. It also has a private dock, free kayaks, a hot tub and included breakfast.

Santa Catarina Palopo

Stay in Santa Catarina Palopo if:

You want maximum comfort in a quiet village.

Santa Catarina is possibly the most beautiful village on Lake Atitlan. It is a great place to wander among the hundreds of brightly painted buildings featuring traditional patterns and symbols.

View of Santa Catarina Palopo on a Lake Atitlan hike
Santa Catarina Palopo

It also has several of the most luxurious Lake Atitlan hotels.

Check out: Santa Catarina Palopo: A Guide to Lake Atitlan’s Most Colourful Village

Villa Santa Catarina

The best value option in Santa Catarina Palopó, this pretty yellow hotel has an extremely convenient location right next to the dock, just a short walk up to the Central Plaza.

Rooms at Villa Santa Catarina

With lovely gardens, phenomenal views and a refreshing pool, it’s a popular choice.

Pool at Santa Catarina Polopo hotel

Check prices and availability at Villa Santa Catarina

More good choices:

More expensive than Villa Santa Catarina but still outstanding value, Tzampoc Resort Atitlan is located just east pf Santa Catarina Palopó and also features great lake views and swimming pool, but adds in a sauna, jacuzzi and spa. The villas come in a variety of sizes and classifications, although whichever one you choose you can expect the perfect blend of modern comfort and traditional style.

For maximum luxury in one of the best Lake Atitlan hotels, check out the extraordinary Casa Palopo, featuring everything you’d expect from a high-end hotel along with the classic (but always exciting) Lake Atitlán views. The grounds are immaculate, every room has a balcony to take maximum advantage of the scenery and the restaurant is considered one of the best on the lake.

San Antonio Palopo

Stay in San Antonio Palopo if:

You want to experience a truly local village.

San Antonio is a small village that is known for its weaving and distinctive blue, green and white pottery. You can take a tour and learn how each piece is made by hand.

Village of San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Most people visit on a day trip from Panajachel but if you want to experience a different side of Lake Atitlan consider staying overnight. San Antonio Palopó is much quieter and offers a much slower pace of life than busier tourist centres like Panajachel or San Pedro.

Check out: San Antonio Palopo: A Guide to Lake Atitlan’s Pottery Village

Hotel Nuestro Sueño

Most of the cozy rooms at Hotel Nuestro Sueno have amazing views of the lake, especially for enjoying the sunset. The hotel has a sauna, steam room and free kayaks available, as well as a convenient location near the docks and lake. Enjoy the in-room fireplaces if you get a bit chilly in evenings and there is a restaurant on-site. This is one of the better midrange options on Lake Atitlán.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Nuestro Sueño

Another option with great views of the lake, Hotel Terrazas del Lago has direct access to the lake from their private beach area. All the rooms have a kitchenette but there is also a restaurant if you don’t want to make your own food. At the very least, have a drink on the terrace and enjoy the view.

San Lucas Toliman

Stay in San Lucas Toliman if:

You want to get completely off the beaten path.

San Lucas Toliman is probably the least known town on the lake but it has the oldest church, the only tile mosaics and almost no other tourists.

Mosaics in San Lucas

Check out: San Lucas Toliman: Guide to Lake Atitlan’s Secret Village

Hotel Toliman

Hotel Toliman is definitely one of the best Lake Atitlan hotels and is the place to stay when visiting San Lucas. It has a variety of rooms that will fit most budgets and the grounds are where it really shines.

View from restaurant at San Lucas Toliman hotel

There are extensive gardens, a picturesque pool and views of the lake. They also offer a variety of services including massages, tours and kayaks.

Rooms at San Lucas Toliman hotel

Check prices and availability at Hotel San Lucas Toliman

Santiago Atitlán

Stay in Santiago Atitlan if:

You want a traditional Mayan town and/or want to climb Volcan Atitlan.

Santiago Atitlan is the largest town on the lake, tucked into the valley between the three volcanoes, limiting the scope of the views but providing a very unique perspective. For all its size and burgeoning crafts industry, there really aren’t that many choices catering to tourists and tends to be more popular with day-trippers or those on long-term volunteer projects.

Santiago Atitlan from the water

Worth a look, but as a base it can be an inconveniently long boat ride from most of the more popular locations.

Check out: Santiago Atitlan: Guide to an Authentic Mayan Town

Hotel Los Olivos Santiago Atitlan

Though a bit outside of Santiago Atitlan, Hotel Los Olivos Santiago Atitlan is one of the best places to stay. This is where you go when you want peace and quiet that is only a short tuk-tuk ride to all the best things to do and see. You can enjoy the lake views from the pool and garden and there is a good restaurant on site for those times you don’t want to head to town.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Los Olivos Santiago Atitlan

More good choices:

Hotel Tiosh Abaj Atitlan is within Santiago Atitlan but enough to the side to be relatively quiet and peaceful. The large gardens and pool with views of the volcanoes are perfect for relaxing and recharging. There are a restaurant and bar on-site near the pool. Most rooms have garden views though some on the fourth floor have lake views.

Pool at a Santiago Atitlan hotel
Hotel Tiosh Abaj

And if you want to be in the middle of it all, economical Casa Josefa Hotel is a great choice. Only a couple blocks from the docks it is very centrally located. It has beautiful gardens, a small pool and a community kitchen. As it is in the centre of town there is some busy street noise but it tends to quiet down after 10pm (although you may still hear the occasional rooster or dog).

Other Lake Atitlan Villages

There are a few other villages, but they are so low on the tourist radar that I don’t really know anyone who has stayed in them and none of them boast any of the top Lake Atitlan hotels.

San Pablo la Laguna is only 10 minutes by tuk-tuk from San Marcos but has little to no tourist facilities, just one gringo-owned pizza place and a penchant for throwing a festival of fireworks and public drunkenness every week or two (or so it seems, anyway).

Santa Clara la Laguna isn’t technically even on the lake, sitting way up the hill from San Pablo. It is perched on the lip of the crater rim at close to 3,000 metres above sea level (twice as high as the surface of the lake) and is the starting/ending point for a number of scenic hikes but doesn’t have much in the way of tourist facilities.

Finally, Cerro de Oro (Hill of Gold) is a small town on the south side of the lake near Santiago Atitlan that is mostly frequented by people from Guatemala City who keep second homes there.

Map of the Best Lake Atitlan Hotels

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As you have probably noticed, there are a LOT of excellent Lake Atitlan hotels worth checking out. The trick is to find the best hotel in the location that suits your needs best. Since every Lake Atitlan village has its own unique character and personality, that decision will affect your visit every bit as much as which hotel you choose.

The great part, though, is that you probably can’t go wrong with any of these terrific Lake Atitlan hotels. Enjoy your visit!