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100 Best Sun Captions for that Sunny Day

These sun captions are perfect for that sunny day photo! They include sun captions for Instagram, sun kissed captions, funny Instagram captions about the sun, and sunny captions for Instagram.

Scroll on through to find your favourite sun caption or jump ahead to the category that interests you most.

Sun Captions for Instagram

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Here are some of the best sun captions for Insta. These captions about sun are short and sweet and convey the amazing feeling of spending time in the sun.

  • Live by the sun
  • I find my happiness where the sun shines
Cliffs, beach and ocean with a sun captions for Instagram on top that says I find my happiness where the sun shines
  • Soaking up the sun
  • Sun and games
  • Forever chasing the sun
  • Live by the sun
  • Sunflowers shining in the sun

Check out our list of the best sunflower quotes.

  • Here comes the sun
  • Sun, sand and a drink in my hand
  • Let the sun shine
  • All suns blazing
  • Pray for sun
  • The sun will shine again
  • Sun babe
  • Chase the sun
  • Sun goddess
  • The sun will rise again
  • Friends, sun, sand and sea – that sounds like summer to me
  • Kissed by the sun
  • Beach baby (v): A salty little sweetheart with sandy toes and a sun-kissed nose
  • Salty air, sun-kissed hair
  • Wake up to a sun-kissed day
Beach with waves coming in and a sun kissed captions on top that says wake up to a sun-kissed day
  • Sandy toes and a sun-kissed nose
  • She is not sun-kissed, she kisses the sun
  • Let the warm glow of the setting sun kiss life’s hurts away

We also have lists of sun quotes, Instagram captions about the sun, sunshine, and sunlight and sun-kissed quotes and captions, sunrays quotes, quotes about sunlight  and sunshine quotes as well as sunrise captions and sunset quotes & captions if any of those would work better for your photos featuring the sun.

  • I was made for sunny days
A fountain in front of the Eiffel Tower with a sunny days captions that says I was made for sunny days
  • Feeling sunny day vibes right now
  • Feelin’ sunny
  • A cloud is no match for a sunny disposition
  • Sunny vibes
  • Happiness is my bicycle and a sunny day
  • No clouds in my sunny day
  • Just blue skies and sunshine
  • I got me a sunny day
  • Keep calm and lay in the sun
  • Girls just wanna have sun
  • Sun of a beach
  • Sun’s out, buns out
  • Tis the sea-sun
  • I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me
  • A multitude of suns
  • What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses!
  • A sunny thing happened on the way
  • Sun and dusted
  • Summer — that crazy little sun of a beach
Beach with turquoise water and blue skies with a funny instagram captions about the sun on top that says summer that crazy little sun of a beach
  • Been there, sun that
  • Feelin’ sunny
  • I was made for sunny days
  • Happiness is waking up to a sunny day
  • Not always SUNNY but in a SUNNY state of mind
  • Cheers! It’s a sunny day
  • Sunny life
  • Happiness is a sunny day
  • Sunny day happy day
boats on the ocean with islands and the sun with a sunny captions for instagram on top that says sunny day happy day
  • If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination
  • Sunny days give us happiness
  • Happiness is feeling sunlight on your face
  • The sunlight paints us gold
  • Shine like sunlight
  • Stay sunlit
  • These are the sunlight days
  • Sunlight brings out the world’s beauty
  • A kind of sunlight one remembers for a life time
Golden sun setting on an ocean with waves coming into the beach with a sunlights captions for Instagram on top that says a kind of sunlight one remembers for a life time
  • All that glitters really is sunlight
  • Everything is better in the sunlight
  • Sunlight runs in my blood
  • I want to paint sunlight
  • Life is a sunlight ride
  • Invest the sunlight in your selfie
  • Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight
  • I drink cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself
  • Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting
  • Inspiration is like a glimmer of sunlight through a forest of shadows
  • Its like I have a window in my chest where sunlight is pouring in
  • You are my sunshine
  • Be the sunshine in someone’s life
  • Living in the sunshine
  • Sunshine on my mind
  • Walkin’ on sunshine
  • Feeling the endless sunshine
  • Got that sunshine in my pocket
  • Powered by sunshine
  • Hello sunshine
Man on canoe and the rising sun over a lake with a captions on sunshine for instagram on top that says hello sunshine
  • Create your own sunshine
  • Good morning sunshine!
  • Sunshine state of mind
  • Sunshine fills me with love and hope

And there you have it! Our list of the best sun captions for travel and summer Instagram captions for your pics of sunny a day. Hopefully you found it useful if you needed a caption for inspiration or Instagram. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any that should be added.

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