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The Ultimate Guide to All 7 Koh Kradan Resorts

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Koh Kradan is a tiny but beautiful island in the Andaman Sea, not far from the transportation hub of Trang. Yet somehow it has avoided the type of overtourism that is so common in this part of the world. So far, there is no town on the island, no roads and, thankfully, no 7-11. Just a handful of wonderful Koh Kradan resorts and amazing scenery.

Not to mention, several gorgeous beaches, phenomenal snorkelling and some surprisingly excellent restaurants. And, although relaxation is the order of the day on Koh Kradan, there are actually quite a few things to keep you busy if you choose. For the entire list, plus useful travel info, check out:

The Best Things to Do in Koh Kradan

Rocky beach with green hills
Kradan Sunset Beach

There are not many places to stay on Koh Kradan, just 7 in total, with 5 of them all located on the same beach. So, to help you decide where to base yourself on your next visit, here is our breakdown of every Koh Kradan resort, listed from north to south:

Best Koh Kradan Resort: Mali Resort

We spent a week here right at the start of the high season and loved it. It is also called Mali Kradan or Mali Resort Koh Kradan to differentiate it from its sister resort on Koh Lipe. And, yes, we are probably biased after our enjoyable stay but we also did our best to research each of the other places and, in the end, stand by our claim.

Beach huts at one of the Koh Kradan resorts
Mali Resort

It was clearly the most popular place on the island, and for good reason. It is a very organized place with a lot of friendly, helpful and attentive staff who go out of their way to improve your stay in any way they can.

Still, the bungalows were the big selling point for us. We stayed toward the north end in a gorgeous, comfortable “Bungalow – Beach Front” just metres from the beach. The views were outstanding, the room comfortable and well-equipped and it was incredibly quiet at night (there were some loud cicadas in the afternoon but those eventually just blend into the background).

Woman doing yoga on a beach deck
Laynni’s Mali mornings

We were impressed with all the thoughtful touches – a hose at steps, broom on the wall, drying rack, big TV, reusable glass water bottles, individual wifi for each unit and a comfortable chair with footstool.

The breakfast buffet was excellent, there is a masseuse on-site and they also have snorkelling equipment (deposit required) and free paddleboards, kayaks and even floating beanbag chairs.

Check prices and availability at Mali Resort

Best Italian Food: Kalumé Eco Boutique Resort

The authentic Italian restaurant at Kalumé Eco Boutique is a bit pricier than some but features superb pizza and pasta. The bungalows at Kalumé are very similar to those at Mali Resort, with comfortable rooms, good views and nice terraces.

Beanbag chairs, palm trees and beach huts
Kalume Eco Boutique Resort

For some reason, though, most of them are located a bit farther back from the beach, although there is a variety so it pays to look closely at the booking options.

Check prices and availability at Kalumé Eco Boutique Resort

Best Restaurant: Reef Resort

Pool surrounded by huts and trees
Reef Resort

Reef Resort doesn’t have the same top beachfront options as some of the others as most of their bungalows are set in a tidy horseshoe around a small pool in the centre. But the beach is still just steps away and we had some of the best meals of our stay at their good value restaurant (especially the cashew chicken and the grilled garlic fish).

Check prices and availability at Reef Resort

Best Pool and Lounge Area: Seven Seas Resort

Beach huts and palm trees
Seven Seas Resort

With a very nice pool, comfortable loungers and the most romantic restaurant on Koh Kradan, Seven Seas Resort offers nice, modern bungalows. However, they are set quite far back from the beach and don’t have the same ocean views and easy access as those at the resorts above.

Check prices and availability at Seven Seas Resort

Best Budget Option: Kradan Beach Resort

Small huts just back from the beach
Kradan Beach Resort

Closest to the dock and the first place most people see, Kradan Beach Resort (often simply called KBR) is also the most basic of the 5 resorts along Kradan Beach. They have a range of huts, with a few of the front ones offering similar views to the best huts at the other resorts (and at similar prices) and another whole row of huts toward the back that are more affordable.

Check prices and availability at Kradan Beach Resort

Best Jungle Hideaway: Paradise Lost Resort

Hut in the trees
Paradise Lost Resort

Paradise Lost, a collection of basic huts in the middle of the island, is perfect for those looking for a quiet stay among the trees and don’t care about staying on the beach (or having wifi). There are both private and shared bath options, a small restaurant and it is only a 5-minute walk to Kradan Sunset Beach and 10 minutes to the dock on Kradan Beach.

Check prices and availability at Paradise Lost

Best Choice for Peaceful Seclusion: Ao-niang Beach Resort

Mainly accessible by boat, this line of classic Thai huts is set about 30-40 metres back from a lovely beach with swaying palm trees. Rooms have fans, private bath, no A/C and little decks for around 1000-1200B/night. I assume there is no wifi but forgot to ask.

Small beach, leaning palm tree and beach huts
Ao-niang Beach Resort

The friendly owners run an on-site restaurant and other than some day trip snorkellers, this is about as quiet as it gets. There is a very overgrown path leading to Paradise Lost but the only realistic way to get there is by boat or you can (very carefully) walk around the point at low tide.

Koh Kradan Map

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Koh Kradan Resorts Summary

Unlike many Thai islands that are heaving with tourists and covered in large hotel developments, Koh Kradan has so far retained its quiet, natural feel and pristine beauty. And even though there aren’t many Koh Kradan resorts to choose from, there is still a surprising amount of variety to help you choose the perfect fit for your vacation.

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