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125 Perfect Santorini Captions

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Santorini is all about the caldera views, white and blue villages and the sunsets. And your Santorini photos will need the very best Santorini captions when you are ready to share them. So if you are looking for Santorini captions for Instagram, we have you covered.

We have also included the best Santorini quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first and included a list of funny Santorini captions to make people smile.

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Now scroll through to find your favorite caption about Santorini.

Santorini Captions

Here are some of our favorite Santorini captions.

  • Santorini is calling and I must go.
  • Either you love Santorini or you are wrong
  • Santorini sights & unforgettable nights.
  • Oh Santorini, you have me under your spell
  • Soaking up the sun in Santorini.
  • Better than my wildest dreams.
  • I think blue and white looks pretty good on me.
  • Left breathless at the beauty of the Santorini sunset
Island with Santorini captions
  • My happy place always includes a Santorini sunset
  • The sun’s saying goodnight again
  • Greetings from Santorini.
  • Not leaving anything behind in Santorini but my heart.
  • Yeah working is great but have you tried traveling?
  • I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Santorini.
  • I’m all about the salty air and sun-kissed hair.
  • Santorini is always a good idea.
  • Never stop your wanderlust.
  • Santorini is a photographers’ dream come true!
  • So many blue-tiful views in Santorini!
White and blue buildings with Santorini Instagram Captions
  • The trouble with Santorini sunsets is that they have to end
  • Happiness is not a state of mind, but a trip to Santorini.
  • A slice of paradise.
  • Blue and white: my new favorite colors.
  • What’s your favourite colour? Mine’s ‘Santorini sunset’
  • Woke up in the dreamiest place.
  • Morning views in Santorini don’t make me blue.
  • What Athens in Santorini, stays in Santorini.
  • Came for the sights, stayed for the sunsets
  • Living my best life – one plane ticket at a time.
  • Living the sweet life in Santorini
  • I can’t keep calm, I’m going to Santorini!
  • Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight
  • Any day is a good day in Santorini.
Street with Greek captions for Instagram
  • Travel, because money returns. Time doesn’t.
  • Home is where the heart is, and the heart is in Santorini.
  • One life. One world. Explore it.
  • Stung by the travel bug. There’s no way back.
  • Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Santorini.
  • Santorini, I think I love you
  • The setting Santorini sun kindled the sky.
  • Greetings from Santorini. I live here now
  • Canceling my plane ticket home and staying in Santorini forever.
  • I want a little bit of Santorini

Funny Santorini Captions

We think that when it comes to Santorini captions, funny ones are often the best. If you like these funny captions about Santorini, also check out our lists of Funniest Captions, Funny Family Captions, Funny Food Captions, Funny Selfie CaptionsFunny Couple Captions, Funny Travel Captions, Funny Graduation Captions, and Funny Birthday Captions.

  • I followed my heart and it led me to Santorini
  • All you need is love and a little bit of Santorini.
  • One thing’s for sure. I need more Santorini sunsets in my life
  • Stop dreaming, start traveling.
  • This is my happy place.
  • This island just ouzos with charm.
  • I’ve got a crush on Santorini.
  • Keep calm and eat Greek.
  • 50 Shades of Blue. 50 Shades of White.
  • Greeking out over these views!
Beach and ocean with Greece captions for Instagram
  • Greece-y hair, don’t care.
  • Keep calm and travel on.
  • BBN. Be back never.
  • Life isn’t black and white in Santorini. It’s blue and white!
  • Once upon a time in Santorini.
  • Love at first flight.
  • Born to explore the world.
  • Today’s mood: blue and white.
  • When words fail, pictures speak.
  • It’s in one Oia and out the other.
  • A Santorini sunset that good doesn’t need a filter
  • If the question involves Santorini, the answer is yes.
  • They say ‘do what makes you happy’ so I came to Santorini.
  • Feeling like a Dancing Queen.
  • Summer nights & Santorini skies.
Church with funny Santorini captions
  • It feels good to be lost in the right direction.
  • In a relationship with: my passport.
  • If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to Santorini.
  • Santorini dress code: blue and white.
  • PSA: Update your address book—I live here now.
  • There’s Santorini…. And then there’s everywhere else.
  • I’m going to myth you Greece!
  • Happiness is… a well-deserved vacation.
  • Girls just wanna have sunsets.
  • Might just stay in Santorini indefinitely
  • Forever chasing that Santorini sunset
  • I wish some nights lasted forever.
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a plane ticket to Santorini and that’s pretty much the same thing.
  • I should probably move here, right?
  • Heaven is a place on earth, possibly Greece.

Santorini Instagram Captions

Your followers will love these Santorini captions for Instagram. Find your favorite Santorini Instagram captions below!

  • Off to Santorini I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
  • Any day is a good day in Santorini.
  • We will always have Santorini
  • Santorini, are you shining just for me?
  • I dream in the colors of the Santorini sunset
  • When in doubt, just travel.
  • Making memories in Santorini.
Island with Santorini Instagram captions
  • Mother nature doesn’t need a filter
  • Endless horizons and the setting Santorini sun
  • I just need some time in Santorini to clear my head.
  • I’ve never met an island I didn’t like.
  • Never stop your wanderlust.
  • Life is short, go to Santorini!
  • Sunsets are better in Santorini.
  • Happiness is a choice we make. I choose Santorini.
  • Every day is an adventure.
  • I would love to stay in this little slice of paradise forever.
  • Many things in life can wait, but the Santorini sunset won’t, watch it.
  • I can finally tick Santorini off my bucket list.
  • Santorini – Bucket list item check!
  • Meet me under the stars in Santorini.
  • There’s no time to be bored in Santorini.
Blue window swith Greece captions
  • Colour-soaked skies and you at my side. Paradise.
  • Stunning sunsets and breathtaking views.
  • There’s no time to be blue in Santorini.
  • I followed my heart and it led me to Greece
  • Santorini, you’ve taken a Greece of my heart!
  • But first, let’s go to Santorini.
  • Good things come to those who book flights.
  • The view from my porch in Oia.
  • These are the sunsets we live for.
  • All I need is a good dose of vitamin sea.
  • A change of latitude would help my attitude.
  • Pretending I’m in ‘Mamma Mia’ everywhere I go.
Pink flowers with fun Greece Instagram captions
  • I’m Greeking out over these amazing views.
  • Travel is the healthiest addiction.
  • Santorini officially has my heart.
  • Once upon a time in Santorini.
  • Meanwhile in Santorini…
  • Trying to capture the Santorini sunset
  • Feeling the blues in Santorini
  • Santorini is waiting for you!
  • My soul lives in Santorini.

Short Captions About Santorini

If you like these short captions about Santorini, head to our list of Short Captions for more. You might also like our lists of Two Word Quotes and One Word Quotes for when you really like them short and sweet!

  • I’d rather be in Santorini.
  • Mamma Mia!
  • To travel is to live.
  • Dreams do come true.
  • Kisses from Santorini
  • Picture-perfect moments.
  • You Odyssey this view!
  • Got wonderfully lost.
  • Travel more, worry less.
  • But first, let’s go to Santorini.
  • So near, so Fira!
Island with short captions about Santorini
  • Santorini – So blue-tiful!
  • Tired feet, happy heart.
  • Living that Santorini life.
  • Grateful for Santorini sunsets
  • Greetings from Greece
  • Greetings from Greece.
  • Cherish every sunset
  • Take me to Santorini.
Ocean with greek Island Instagram captions
  • I need some Santorini time.
  • Nothing but blue skies here
  • Travel is my therapy.
  • Meanwhile, in Santorini…
  • Santorini days and sunny rays.
  • Santorini sunsets.
  • Feta late than never.
  • Waking up in Santorini…
  • Sunset vibes, happy times
  • If lost, return to Santorini.
  • Santorini dreamin’.
  • Take me back to Santorini.
  • I am in love with this place.

Santorini Quotes for Instagram

Here are our favorite Santorini quotes for Instagram. After this, you should check out our list of Short Quotes to find more great quotes to use as captions.

“Off the Santorini cliff on a dark, starless night, I tossed a message in a bottle and love found me washed up on the black lava sand of the Aegean shore. As with my previous loves, volcanic in nature. Almost destructive before it started.”― Melody Lee

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.” – Henry Miller

 “I don’t know what my future holds, but the world is wide and I want to make some memories.” – Donna (from Mamma Mia)

“Santorini and the sea are spread like a feast before us and there is sky all the way to the horizon. And what a sky it is.” ― Mackenzi Lee

Island with Santorini quotes for Instagram by Lee

“Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

“There are two kinds of people. Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek.” ― My Big Fat Greek Wedding

“Greece – The feeling of being lost in time and geography with months and years hazily sparkling ahead in a prospect of un-conjecturable magic” ― Patrick Leigh Fermor

“According to some theories, the legendary Atlantis said to have sunk beneath the sea in a great cataclysm, is in actuality the Greek Island of Santorini.”― Laura Brooks

“Greece is a good place to look at the moon, isn’t it?” – Kari Hesthamar

“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind” – Marty Rubin

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

“The best things in life, the very best things happen unexpectedly.” – Donna (from Mamma Mia)

Sunset on island with Greece quotes for Instagram

“I want to have an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ experience where I drop off the face of the planet and move to Greece.” – Jennifer Hyman

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

“Traveling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like Breathing.” – Gayle Foreman

“Today, to walk along the pebbled pathways of a traditional Greek mountain village or the marbled streets of an ancient acropolis is to step back in time. To meander at a leisurely pace through these island chains by boat is to be captivated by the same dramatic landscapes and enchanted islets that make the myths of ancient Greece so compelling. To witness the Mediterranean sun setting on the turquoise sea is to receive one of life’s greatest blessings.” ― Laura Brooks

“I love to travel, but hate to arrive.” – Albert Einstein

“The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece! Where burning Sappho loved and sung, Where grew the arts of war and peace, Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung! Eternal summer gilds them yet, But all, except their sun, is set.”  ― Lord Byron

“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” – Bern Williams

“And now Percy has his arms around me and Santorini and the sea are spread like a feast before us and there is sky all the way to the horizon. And what a sky it is.” ― Mackenzi Lee

“Greece is the most magical place on Earth.” – Kylie Bax

Greek island with short Mykonos quotes for Instagram by Bax

“Travel isn’t always pretty.” – Anthony Bourdain

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

“Do what makes your soul shine.” – Rosie (from Mamma Mia)

“The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.” ― Henry Miller

“Santorini sunsets seem surreal” ― Dave Briggs

“When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then.” – William Least Heat Moon

“Travel is only glamorous in retrospect” – Paul Theroux

“Greece was a muse. It inspired creativity in magical ways that I can’t even begin to understand or explain.” ― Joe Bonamassa

Plane wing with funny quotes for traveling the world by Sontag

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” – Margaret Lee Runbeck

“Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.” – Thomas Fuller

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

So that is it for our list of Instagram Quotes for Santorini and Captions for Santorini. We hope you found the perfect one for you.

Now go share your Santorini photo!

Let us know if there is a caption on Santorini that we missed and we will add it.

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