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150 Sunny California Captions

Sunny California has all sorts of outstanding sites and attractions to enjoy and take amazing photos. Once you’ve got some, we have gathered all the best California captions for your next post. So if you are looking for California captions for Instagram, we have you covered.

We have also included the best California quotes for Instagram for when someone else has said it best first and funny California captions to make them smile.

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Now scroll through to find your favorite caption about California.

California Captions

Here are some of our favorite California captions.

  • Taking a road trip through California’s scenic routes.
  • Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair – California, take me there.
  • Chasing the sunset in California.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a trip to California. And that’s basically the same thing.
  • Making memories with in California’s stunning landscapes.
  • I love you like the sun loves California.
  • Nice to meet you, California
  • My favorite color is California sunset.
Beach with California captions
  • California, where nature thrives.
  • Salt air. Cool breeze. Adventure in my soul.
  • California, where the horizon bends to meet us.
  • All the great pleasures of life are in California
  • Thank you California for making me feel so alive
  • You had me at California
  • Adventuring through California.
  • California, a road trip paradise.
  • California, you’ve got me under your spell.
Bridge with golden gate bridge captions
  • I know once you come to California you will never look back.
  • California is always a good idea.
  • Living the life in California!
  • Taking on California’s outdoor adventures.
  • Soul full of sunshine.
  • Taking a journey to the heart of California
  • Exploring California, the adventure awaits!
  • California, where every corner reveals new wonders.
  • If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to LA.
  • Embracing the beauty of California.
Sign iwth Hollywood captions
  • My love for California is a never-ending adventure.
  • You know you’re from California when you don’t call it Cali.
  • My soul lives in California
  • California is an unbelievable state.
  • California, where adventure begins.
  • It’s an California thing, you wouldn’t understand
  • Listen to your heart, even if it takes you all the way to California.
  • Chasing California waterfalls and dreams.
  • California is always a good idea.
City with Los Angeles captions
  • Home is where the heart is. And mine is in California.
  • Ahhh, what a beautiful sight
  • Experiencing the magic of California’s natural wonders.
  • Getting lost in California’s wilderness.
  • Relationship status: in love with California sunsets
  • Living in California means living the dream
  • Love, laughter, and California

Funny California Captions

We think that when it comes to California captions, funny ones are usually the best. If you like these funny captions about California, continue on to our lists of Funniest Captions, Funny Family Captions, Funny Food Captions, Funny Selfie CaptionsFunny Couple Captions, Funny Travel Captions, Funny Graduation Captions, and Funny Birthday Captions.

  • There’s California…and then there’s everything else
  • Dam it, California, you’re too pretty!
  • But first, let’s go to California.
  • California girls just do it better
  • My love for California grows with every sunrise.
  • California road trip, let’s go!
  • California, where the stars shine brighter.
  • California days and sunny rays
Cliffs with funny California captions
  • There’s a boulevard called Sunset here.
  • I’m all about palm trees and 80 degrees.
  • The West Coast is the best coast.
  • Dear California, I love you to NY and back.
  • Camping in Big Sur is in-tents.
  • Eat. Sleep. Breathe. California.
  • California is calling and I must go
  • Dream of Californication…
Prison with funny Alcatraz captions
  • I fell in love, her name is California.
  • By the bay with my bae.
  • Sunsets are just better in California
  • Bright lights and California nights
  • Beach bums and setting suns.
  • After drinking so much California wine, I need a Napa!
  • Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.
  • I’m Sur I’ve never seen a place this beautiful.
Street sign with funny Beverly Hills captions
  • Gone to California, be back never
  • Calif*ckingfornia
  • Keep calm and go to California
  • California is calling me, and I must go.
  • Beach day is everyday in Cali.
  • Super-California-listic-expialidocious.
  • California: Sunny nutland.
Mountain with funny Palm Springs captions
  • Today’s good mood is sponsored by California
  • California days and sunset nights
  • Road trip to California…Check!
  • Traveling California was so beautiful, it was a Big Sur-prise.
  • More Pacific Ocean, please.
City with funny San Diego captions
  • I love you to California and back
  • Any day is a good day in California
  • California, still a magical vanity fair.

California Instagram Captions

Your followers will love these California captions for Instagram. Find your favorite California Instagram captions here!

  • California is my happy place
  • I’d rather be in California
  • Road tripping through California’s scenic byways.
  • Once upon a time in California
  • Happiness is the sun setting over the California beach.
  • California bound.
  • Twilight + Beach = Perfection.
  • Just another day in California
Beach with California Instagram captions
  • California, the perfect place to escape.
  • Life in California is beautiful.
  • Here’s to you, California.
  • I love California; everything is so artificial.
  • California, the perfect getaway.
  • California, where roads lead to adventure.
  • California, where every step is an adventure.
  • California, a date with nature
  • Life in California is beautiful.
Hotel with Beverly Hills Instagram captions
  • California, the land of breathtaking sunsets.
  • Checking our bags to California
  • Wandering through California’s charming small towns.
  • California is always on my mind
  • California, where every mile is a new adventure.
  • I think California has the best energy.
  • If you need me, I’ll be in California
  • California is the place to be
City with Los Angeles Instagram captions
  • California is where you get to start over.
  • California, I just can’t help loving you.
  • California adventure is out there
  • California… I’m already looking forward to next time
  • Dreams are made of California sand and sunsets.
  • Taking in California’s stunning scenery.
  • California, the perfect place for outdoor adventures.
  • California, where adventure never ends.
Coastline with West Coast Instagram captions
  • I wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you in California.
  • Seizing the day in California.
  • Exploring California’s quirky roadside attractions.
  • California bound baby!
  • The sunsets are best on the West Coast.
  • California, where the sunsets mesmerize.
  • Creating unforgettable memories in California.
  • California is always in my mind.
Golf course with palm springs Instagram captions
  • West coast. Best coast.
  • California, where the landscapes amaze.
  • California, where the stars shine brighter.
  • California, where adventure is just a hike away.
  • My love for California, endless.
  • Adventure awaits in California.
  • California, the perfect place to unwind.
  • I left my heart in California
  • Dear California, I’ll never get over you
  • Dear California, you have my heart

Short Captions About California

If you like these short captions about California, head to our list of Short Captions for more ideas. You might also like our lists of Two Word Captions and One Word Captions  for when you really like them short and sweet!

  • California chica.
  • In a California state of mind.
  • Find me in California
  • Hella good times.
  • Sunsets & palm trees.
  • California is my sand-tuary.
  • California dreamin.
  • California is my therapy
Beach with short captions about California
  • I left my heart in California.
  • California vibes.
  • Raised by California waves.
  • All you need is California sunset.
  • I am so West Coast.
  • Hooray for Hollywood.
  • California dreamin’
Bridge with short captions about Golden Gate Bridge
  • West coast babe
  • Life is better in California
  • California vibes are hot
  • Golden state of mind.
  • California road trip
  • Made in California
  • Living the California life
  • California Girl
Beach with short captions about Venice Beach
  • Stay golden.
  • Cali Girl.
  • California proud
  • Meet me in California
  • California, here we come
  • If lost, return to California
  • Meanwhile, in California…
  • Let’s get lost in California
Beach with short captins about the West Coast
  • California, be mine.
  • Peace, Love, California.
  • California, I’m yours!
  • Take me back to California
  • Crushin on Cali.
  • California vibes
Beach with short captions about Malibu
  • Golden State of Mind.
  • California, I sea you.
  • California hair, don’t care
  • I love you, California
  • Lost in California
  • Sunsets & palm trees.

Short California Quotes for Instagram

Here are our favorite short California quotes for Instagram. You can also check out our full list of Short Quotes.

“She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast.” — Bob Seger

“In California, they don’t throw their garbage away – they make it into TV shows.” – Woody Allen

“I wouldn’t live in California. All that sun makes you sterile.” – Alan Alda

“Californians try everything once.” – T. J. MacGregor

“I am the ultimate California girl, which is funny, being that I’m Canadian.” – Pamela Anderson

“I love California. It definitely represents wild freedom.” – Jenny O.

Palm trees with short California quotes for instagram

“Everyone in California is from somewhere else.” – Wright Morris

“You haven’t lived until you’ve died in California.” – Mort Sahl

“My heart cried out for you, California.” — Joni Mitchell

“Hollywood is like Picasso’s bathroom.” – Candice Bergen

“Whatever starts in California unfortunately has an inclination to spread.” – Jimmy Carter

“California is a place where they make too many pictures and not enough actors.” – Walter Winchell

City with short San Francisco quotes for Instagram by Kipling

“California is a fine place to live – if you happen to be an orange.” – Fred Allen

 “Nothing is wrong with California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn’t cure.” – Ross Macdonald

“Best way to live in California is to be from somewhere else.” – Cormac Mccarthy

“Soaking up the sun in the Sunshine State.” – Beckett Yemen

“Everything is just better in California. Everything is wonderful.” – Beth Anderson

“The California sand feels like a soft sofa.” – Gibson Yemen

City iwth short Los Angeles quotes for Instagram by Elliott

“All scenery in California requires distance to give it its highest charm.” – Mark Twain

“California can and does furnish the best bad things that are obtainable in America.” – Hinton R. Helper

“California is full of homesick people.” – Judy Van Der Veer

Funny California Instagram Quotes

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“California is an Italy without its art.” – Oscar Wilde

“Another blinding California day. They were all blinding here.” – William Bayer

“The bay area is so beautiful, I hesitate to preach about heaven while I’m here.” – Billy Graham

“All of a sudden, I feel very old and very tired. Maybe when I get to California, the smog, brush fires, floods, and earthquakes will cheer me up.” – Erma Bombeck

“In California everyone goes to a therapist, is a therapist, or is a therapist going to a therapist.” – Truman Capote

“I’d rather be in prison in California than free anywhere else.” – Inez Haynes Irwin

Bridge iwth funny California Instagram quotes by Irwin

“This is California. Blondes are like the state flower or something.” – Ian Ziering

“Out here in California, in the Pacific Ocean, the sharks have a bad attitude.” – Katy Mixon

“We only have two kinds of weather in California, magnificent and unusual.” – James M Cain

“In California the only way to look like you are getting older is to look like you are getting younger…if you can move your forehead over the age of forty, then people become very suspicious.” –Matt Haig

“Southern California is the land of crazy men.” – Don Carpenter

“I know they have palm trees in Southern California. I mean I’m not a complete moron, I’ve watched 90210, and everything.” – Meg Cabot

Palm trees with funny Beverly Hills Instagram quotes by Cabot

“There are no old people in California. Nobody ever gets a chance to grow old there. The climate won’t let you. The scenery won’t let you. The life won’t let you.” – Inez Haynes Irwin

“There are no real Californians. There are only people who live there and people who don’t.” – Laura Kalpakian

“Secretly, I think everyone who makes fun of California really does want to be in California.” – Zooey Deschanel

“Your shadow weighs a ton, driving down the 101. California here we come, right back where we started from.” — Phantom Planet

“Seasons never change, the sun always shines; Swimming in Palm Springs, losing track of time.”

Sunset with funny Palm Springs Instagram quotes by Cold War Kids

“Everybody knows what California smog is – that’s fog with the vitamins removed.” – Bob Hope

“If they can’t do it in California, it can’t be done anywhere.” – Taylor Caldwell

“California girls, We’re unforgettable, Daisy dukes, Bikinis on top, Sun-kissed skin, So hot, We’ll melt your popsicle” – Katy Perry, ‘California Gurls’

“If you’re in California, and it’s raining, stay home because nobody can drive in the rain. It’s like it’s raining frogs. They’re terrified.” – Adam Ferrara

“The ocean-bordered southern part of California has always been a place of Hollywood make-believe, casual opulence, suntans and jewellery.” – Dan Jenkins

Beachw ith funny Malibu Instagram quotes by Harrison

“I don’t bother to look for parking space anymore. As soon as I get near Hollywood Boulevard … I sell.” – Bob Hope

“There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” – Edward Abbey

So there you have it! That is our list of Instagram Quotes for California and Captions for California. We hope you found the perfect one for you.

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Now go share your California photo!

Let us know if there is a caption on California that we missed and we will add it.

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