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175 Flowing River Captions

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Who doesn’t like spending time by or on a river? Whether you are just getting back to nature or doing something more adventurous like rafting you might want a caption for your fantastic river photo. We gathered the best river captions that include river captions for Instagram, funny river captions and river quotes for Instagram to use as captions.

We quit our jobs over 10 years ago and have been travelling ever since and have seen some amazing rivers around the world. We have paired our favorite captions on rivers with our favourite river photos.

If you like these captions about rivers check out our lists of:

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Top River Captions

Here are some of our favorite river captions. Start here to choose a perfect caption for your river photo.

  • Take me to the river, drop me in the water
  • It is from small streams that big rivers rise
  • River water is just like poem without words
Mountains reflected in river with river captions
  • Learn to live freely like the wind, learn to flow freely like the river
  • Fresh air, river flowing, sunlight dappling
  • The fall of dropping water wears away the stone
  • It is life, I think, to watch the water
  • A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure
  • Water is the mirror, that has the ability to show us what we cannot see
  • The happiness of the drop is to die in the river
  • If the earth is a mother then rivers are her veins
  • Don’t push the river, it will flow. Don’t push the love, it will grow.
  • Rivers are roads that move and carry us along with them
Boat on a river heading to a bridge at sunset with a river caption that reads rivers are roads that move and carry us along with them
  • Life is like a river, it goes up and down
  • You don’t have to take a dip in a river to feel refreshed by it
  • The relaxing murmur of a river
  • Rollin rollin rollin on the river

River Captions for Instagram

If you are looking for a caption about rivers for Instagram, look no further. Your followers will love these river captions for Insta.

  • River rules: Live, love, swim!
  • Day dreams of river streams
River with moss covered stone and green water and a river captions for Instagram that reads day dreams of river streams
  • As sure as river flows I will never let you go
  • Life is good, but its better on rivers
  • Hungry for life, thirsty for the distant river
  • If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water
  • My spirit is ablaze, but water keeps my center
  • To the river I go, to lose my mind and find my soul
  • Listening to the river
Rivew iwth trees and mountains and a river captions for Instagram
  • Watching a river meander is truly a piece of art
  • Life is simple, just add water
  • Feeling River Relaxed
  • Blue sky, shorts, and river floating
  • Adopt the pace of nature and flow with the river
  • To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles
  • Nature marvels when the sun rises upon the river
Misty morning on a green river with a nature river captions for Instagram that reads nature marvels when the sun rises upon the river
  • A good river is nature’s life work in song
  • This river is nature at it’s best!
  • Human nature is like water, It takes the shape of its container
  • Nature is not a place to visit, it is a home
  • There’s nothing like the nature around a river

Funny River Captions

If you are looking for funny river captions for Instagram, this is the list for you. If you like Funny Captions check out our lists of Funny Hiking Captions, Funny Sunset Captions, Funny Birthday Captions, Funny Couple Captions, Funny Selfie Captions, Funny Winter Captions, Funny Spring Captions, Funny Summer Captions, Funny Fall Captions, and Funny Travel Captions.

  • We used to listen to the water, but the river shuts its mouth
  • What happens at the river, stays at the river
  • Keeping it reel on the river
  • Come watch the live stream
  • My dinner is still in the river
  • River hair, don’t care
  • Floatin’ on the river is killing my liver
  • I don’t need a river to be lazy
Blue river with mountain behind and a funny river captions that reads I don't need a river to be lazy
  • It’s settled. I’m a river rat.
  • Keeping it reel on the river
  • Here is a list of river puns for your Instagram captions about rivers.
  • Rivers are… the original streaming service
  • This river valley is totally gorges
River with trees on each side with a river puns for Instagram that reads this river valley is totally gorges
  • Don’t get tide-up in sorrows, you will only cry a river.
  • Diving into shallow water could lead to jumping to wrong conclusions.
  • The river turned out to be a great party guy because he just went with the flow
  • Life is good – full stream ahead!

Cute Captions About Rivers

These are our favourite cute river captions for any occasion. You might also like our list of Cute Captions.

  • sun+sand+river=happiness
  • Do not push the river and it will flow by itself
  • Sitting quietly on the corner of a river
  • Let the world go and take a walk along a river
  • Rivers know this there is no hurry, we shall get there someday
  • Love is like a river never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time
  • Life in us is like the water in a river
  • Wander often, wonder always
River running through a town at sunset with a cute river captions that reads wander often, wonder always
  • The music of a river
  • Happiness comes in currents
  • Love is the river of life in the world
  • Paddle to add balance to your life
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • Live, laugh, raft
  • If in doubt, paddle out
  • I’d rather be rafting
  • Keep calm and paddle on
Person kayaking with paddling captions
  • Lost on the river. Don’t bother me.
  • A day on the river restores the soul
  • Happiness is finally leaving the shore
  • Everyone must believe in something – I believe I’ll go kayaking
  • Life is short. Paddle hard.
  • Take the river less paddled
  • Sometimes in life, you’ve got to stop rowing and bask in the view for a minute

Short Captions about Rivers

Sometimes you just want a short captions about rivers. You might also like our list of Short Captions.

  • River Relaxed
  • River toe dipping
  • Sun, tube, river, float
  • Floating in the sun
  • It’s tube time
  • Cry me a river
  • On river time
River framed by trees and backed by mountains with a short river captions that reads on river time
  • Curves of life
  • The river is everywhere
  • Forever a river lover
  • All water is holy water
  • I’m happiest when I’m floating on a river
  • Floating like a butterfly
  • Floating and chillin
  • Life is better on the river

Fun Captions for Rivers

Check out these fun captions for rivers.

  • Never taking water for granted again
  • There is nothing more humbling than watching the river flow from up high
  • We steer the boat, we don’t alter the river
  • Practicing being still like a mountain and flowing like a river
  • Smell the river and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly
  • Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it
  • A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence
  • This is not the greatest river in the world. This is just a tributary.
  • Thousands have lived without love, not one without water
  • A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life
  • No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning
River by a town with captions about rivers
  • For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one
  • When flowing with the flow, you might lose yourself
  • As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home
  • There are three things I love about this city: the river, the river, and the river
  • Echoed in the river of silence
  • Over the river and through the woods
River surrounded by snow
  • Be fluid like water and flow around your obstacles
  • Even though the river has a bed, it won’t stop running
  • Life is a deep river, Its noise breaks us in parts, and its silence slowly silent our heart
  • Water is sufficient, the spirit moves over water
  • An individual human existence should be like a river
  • A friendly reminder that every city owes its life to its river
  • When in doubt, river float
Person floating down river under a partially fallen tree with a river tubing captions for Instgram that reads when in doubt, river float
  • There’s no place like home except the river
  • I love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfoldings
  • We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations
  • Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is float
  • Summertime and the tubin’ is easy

If you like this caption check out our list of Funny Summer Captions

  • If time is a river then I want to be on this boat for all of it
  • Finding out what’s around the river bend
  • Floating under the bridges
  • River floating
Long boat with people on it on a river and a river boat captions that reads river floating
  • Paddling my boat down the river
  • In no hurry, spending the day on the river
  • Loving life with a boat and a never ending river
  • Keeping it reel on the river
  • River boating is my therapy
  • We steer the boat, we don’t alter the river

River Fishing Captions

Some of the most relaxing moments on rivers is spent fishing. Here our some of our favorite captions from our list of Perfect Fishing Captions.

  • I fish knowing every moment on a river is a gift
  • Reel girls fish
Girl holding fish by gills with a cute fishing captions that reads reel girls fish
  • If I am fly fishing on the river I’m happy
  • The best days are spent standing in the river fishing
  • Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up
  • I’d rather be at the river fishing
  • At the river fishing, don’t wait up
  • Gone to the river and fishin’, be back at dark-thirty!

Water Captions

If you like river captions you’ll like our water captions from our list of the Best Water Quotes and Captions. You might like our other lists of captions about water including Waterfall Captions, Lake Captions, Rain Captions and Sea Captions.

  • Cause a ripple effect
  • It’s all water over the falls
  • Life is water-ful
Person fishing in river with water captions
  • The water is calling and I must go
  • So, ‘water’ you waiting for?!?
  • There’s nothing quite like life by the water
  • So much water, such little time
  • Sunshine and lake water is all I need
People running into lake with water captions
  • All my troubles wash away in the water
  • Swimming is dancing under the water
  • Be grateful for good friends, hot sun, and clear water
  • Take me to the river, drop me in the water

River Quotes for Instagram

These are our 15 favourite river quotes for Instagram from our list of the Best River Quotes. You should also check out our list of the Best Short Quotes that are perfect for captions.

“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.” – Laura Gilpin

“Sometimes there’s just no way to hold back the river.” – Paulo Coelho

“The river was so blue it seemed to be breathing.” – Brian Morton

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” – Emma Smith

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”

“You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft.” – Mark Twain

People floating on river with river quotes for Instagram

“Time flows away like the water in the river.” – Confucius

“I had no plans of any destination. I wish to flow like a river.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“I live in a van, down by the river!” – Chris Farley

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” – Mark Twain

Fellucas sailing on the Nile with a funny river saying on top perfect for river quotes for Instagram

“Be like a river. Be open. Flow.” – Julie Connor

“The night. The stars. The river.” – Edward Abbey

“A river is easier to channel than to stop.” – Brandon Sanderson

“Beside the river there are two things you never forget, that the moment you look at a river that moment has already passed, and that everything is on its way somewhere else.” – Niall Williams

“The river asked me who I was to be gazing so longingly into her curving body of cascading dreams and shifting beauty.” – Todd Crawshaw

“I choose to listen to the river for a while, thinking river thoughts, before joining the night and the stars.” – Edward Abbey

Clear green river in canyon with wooden walkway on the side and beautiful river quotes on top

“There is another alphabet, whispering from every leaf, singing from every river, shimmering from every sky.” – Dejan Stojanovic

“Cross the river by feeling for stones.” – Deng Xiaoping

“The river is such a tranquil place, a place to sit and think of romance and the beauty of nature, to enjoy the elegance of swans and the chance of a glimpse of a kingfisher.” – Jane Wilson-Howarth

“I have never seen a river that I could not love. Moving water…has a fascinating vitality. It has power and grace and associations. It has a thousand colors and a thousand shapes, yet it follows laws so definite that the tiniest streamlet is an exact replica of a great river.” – Roderick Haig Brown

“Hope is a continuous flowing river.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“The song of the river ends not at her banks, but in the hearts of those who have loved her.” – Buffalo – Joe

“The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are.” – Lynn Culbreath Noel

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops.”

Hope you found the perfect river caption for your next post.

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Let us know in the comments below if we missed any captions on rivers that should be added.

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